Sharon Griffiths

Sharon Griffiths helps to bespokely connect people to opportunities. A former teacher, Sharon then progressed to management roles in a large English local authority, developing post-16 programmes to enable tens of thousands of people to learn and develop a wide range of skills and interests. Now investing in property with her husband to ultimately create greater choice in their lives, live their highest values, and do what they love to do – help others. Her hallmark word ‘Shappiness’ – creatively chosen from ‘Success’ + ‘Happiness’ – perfectly sums-up Sharon’s approach to life, something she wants more people in the world to experience…

Paul D. Lowe

Paul D. Lowe’s purpose in life is deeply transformational – Developing World Game-Changers.  As the founder & CEO of the World Game-Changers (Community Interest Company), part of his focus is to help individuals answer two big questions: ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What’s my purpose?’  Paul offers people the opportunity to share their stories through his books and podcasts, as well as creating their own personal brand.

John Foster is a Chartered Quality Professional with a sharp sense of what it takes to drive results effectively. He has years of high-level experience in quality and has specialised in lean and total quality management. John has worked with many entrepreneurs and businesses to help them maximise their profits and time and has become known for his ability to provide sound advice. Valued for his far-reaching expertise as much as for his unbeatable work ethic, he is a highly sought-after consultant and coach.

Rebecca Wheele

Rebecca Wheele helps people to create the visual identity of their business or project through logo creation, website design and visual content, both digital and hand drawn. She works across all industries and loves listening to people and understanding the what and the why of what they do, then translating this into a form of visual communication in the aim to capture the heart and essence what they are all about.